Decorate your baby boy's room with a meaningful Skylesi star map that you can create and design by yourself!

Looking for a cute and meaningful decoration for the nursery? Magical Skylesi star map is ideal for that! We enable you to create the constellation of stars up in the sky in the exact moment your perfect little baby boy was born. Just insert the date, time and location of the birth. We offer various design and colour options of which you will surely find the perfect fit for your baby boy's room. Bring the beautiful memory of your baby's birth into every day!

Skylesi star map is beautiful

A meaningful decoration that is perfectly suitable for nursery of any style. Skylesi minimalistic design options and modern colour palette makes our star maps super easy to fall in love with! Begin to design the star map now and let your fantasy fly!

Skylesi star map is personalised

As you insert the date, time and location of your baby's birth, an accurate star map will be created using astrological databases. Looking just as if you stared at the sky in that exact moment the new life got started! Even if it was at daytime – stars are always there. Skylesi offers both - science and magic!

Skylesi star map brings back memories

Our beautiful star map reminds you and your special ones the way your full-of-love journey together as a family got started. And it does it every day! Add a personal message to your star map and level up the emotional factor even more! We guarantee positive and loving emotions daily – get ideas here!

Skylesi offers different options

Various designs, sizes, frames and types of glass that cover your Skylesi star map. And of course, the fast and affordable PDF version you can print out and frame yourself! Skylesi will find a perfect solution for every customer!

Skylesi star map is simple and easy

As you order a PDF file, the star map will be delivered to you in ten minutes! We can also print out and frame your star map ourselves. In that case, the delivery time will be 7 days.

Skylesi makes your special moment eternal!

  • Insert the time and location of the memorable event.
  • Choose the design you love the most and add the text.
  • Pick out the format of the star map and order the gift!

Beginning of a new life
Alignment of the stars on February 24, 1918 at 08:33 in Tallinn, Estonia
59.4351°N, 24.7347°E

Star map of the moment a new life got started

The classic circular sky projection is perfect for reproducing the alignment of the stars of all important events. What are the most important moments of your life? The day you first became mother or father? Or the day you and your loved one first saw each other?

The star map is a perfect gift for baby's birth. Of course, it works amazing for any other memorable events or moments as well, being a beautiful decoration element that is suitable for the interior of any style.

When creating your perfect star map, you start with inserting the time and location of your event. After that, an accurate constellation of the starry sky of that exact time and place will be generated. Then starts the fun part - you pick out the most favourable design and colour palette for the star map and insert your personal message. Check out some of our examples:

Our gallery

Skylesi star map introduction video based on our Estonian brand - Taevakaart.

Ordering our product in 15 minutes

  1. Select the time and place of the event

    Insert the date, time and place of the event. The time can be set to the nearest minute and the geographical database we use for locations acknowledges even the smallest places on Earth - you don't need to know the latitude and longitude of the place.

  2. Pick out a predefined design or create your own

    Choose the perfect design and colour palette for your star map and insert the text.

  3. Fill in your details

    Fill in the data that is necessary for delivery of the product (e-mail, address and other contact information).

  4. Done! Enjoy your Skylesi star map!

    If you chose your product as a PDF file, it will be delivered to your e-mail instantly. You can print out and frame the star map in the closest copy centre. If you ordered printed and framed product, the delivery time will be 7 days.

Instant digital download available for 15.00 €

Start designing
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