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How long does it take to complete my order? How long is the time of delivery?

A digital map of the stars will save you from trouble even if you've left finding the gift for the last minute. If you order a PDF version of the Star Map, hopefully, you will have time to have it printed at a professional printing centre or have it magically appear on a T-shirt or a cup at a T-shirt shop. The PDF version is sent to your email immediately after you pay for the product.

How can I print the downloaded PDF myself?

You can do this at any place offering printing services, but we recommend that you make sure the paper you choose is of high quality! It is also possible to print a PDF with the most common home or office printer, but probably not in a format suitable for a gift.

What to write as your personal text?

You can write anything you want. Most people ordering write: "To have this special moment recorded forever!", "You are the brightest star in my life!", "Per aspera ad astra" ("through hardships to the stars"), "A little miracle was born under these stars."

Our design page also has a few sentences to inspire you.

Select the moment and place

How precisely can I determine the location and time?

The time can be set to the nearest minute, and the location according to our database, which includes both cities and smaller towns. You do not need to know the latitude and longitude of the place.

But what if I don't know the exact time of the event?

That’s not a problem. If you do not specify the time, we will produce the Star Map of the starry sky as it was at 00:00 that day.

Can I create a Star Map for a future event?

Yes, it's possible! This is an original idea, for example, as a wedding gift or even for the moment when the Star of the Year is chosen among colleagues.

Can I choose a point in time from prehistory or the distant future?

Teleporting to the prehistoric times and into the next millennium is not possible. Our software allows you to create a Star Map of moments between 1900 and 2020.

But what if my special moment was during the day, not in the evening or night?

The time can also be set to daytime. Stars and planets are still there even during the day, even though we can’t see them.

Gifting: inspiration & ideas

Which days are suitable to be remembered with a Star Map?

The day that brought the two of you together: the time you first met, your first kiss or the first dance.

The day a little miracle was born: the birth of a child.

The day when effort became achievement: graduation.

Anniversary of love: wedding, wedding anniversary.

What events are perfect for gifting the Star Map?

Birthday: Why not gift the coordinates of your grandfather's birthplace for his 70th anniversary? Or why not find out from your grandfather the most important date and place in his life.

Mother's Day and Father's Day: why not give a star map of the moment you were born? Or is there another memorable moment to look back on with gratitude and generosity?

Valentine's Day and Women's Day: Even those days can bring unforgettable moments!

Christmas: What to gift for Christmas when everything has already been gifted? Something tailored to the recipient of the gift? Why not a warm sweater or a blanket that has the stars of a special day printed on it.

Who can I gift a Star Map to?

Star Map is a timeless, exciting gift, suitable even for new-borns. She or he will grow out of toys and clothes, but the Star Map will accompany him or her for life.

The Star Map is especially popular as a gift for a loved one or partner to commemorate the important first date, when you started dating, or the wedding day.

In a later age, people often no longer care about things because they already have everything they need. But they like to remember the brightest moments from their youth and long life. It was not possible to produce such precise maps in their youth, but now it would be interesting for them to study!

How can I use a digital (PDF) Star Map?

With the help of various service providers, it can be printed on, for example, a T-shirt or some other item of clothing, a cup or a phone case. If you want to make a particularly intimate gift, why not on a nightgown, pillowcase, blanket or towel? You can also print a sticker of the Star Map and stick it on a window or mirror.

How do I know if the poster fits on the wall or the table in the gift receiver's room?

We have chosen tones for the designs that should suit any room and any background colour. You will surely find the perfect choice from our options!

Creating the Star Map

What is the basis for creating the Star Map?

The starry sky around our planet is both mysterious but also predictable. Fortunately, we are living in an age where the movement and position of stars can be very precisely defined or predicted according to time and place.

Astronomical databases record the galactic coordinates of all the stars, planets, and galaxies seen from Earth. This galactic system allows you to create an accurate view of the starry sky from any location and time in the past 100 years.

How is the accuracy of the Star Map guaranteed?

We use different astronomical databases that contain the galactic coordinates of all the stars you can define from Earth to create the most accurate map of the sky. When creating a map, the system considers the location of over 9,000 celestial bodies!

The Star Map shows constellations at a given time and place and all celestial bodies that are associated with the cosmic system according to the data from Earth.

Specifically, the view of the starry sky from a particular (topographic) point on Earth is called topocentric. If the geographic coordinates and the exact time are known, our computer program allows us to accurately determine the position of celestial bodies.

How to "read" the Star Map?

The Star Map shows all visible celestial bodies and cardinal directions (north, south, east, west). The stars and planets closest to the edges of the circular Star Map may have been visible to you at a crucial time, but far away on the horizon. But those in the middle of the circle shone directly above your head. The size of each celestial body on the map depends on its apparent size at that moment, or magnitude. The map also shows the visible and most known constellations: Cassiopeia, Orion, Hydra, Sextans, Leo and Virgo.

We also note our home galaxy, the Milky Way, the location of which is also unique and relevant to your event.

What makes the Star Map unique?

The main difference between an Earth map and the sky map is that the earth map is adequate both locally and globally. The city of Tallinn remains on the map of the county, the country and the world. But there is no place on Earth where the sky above our heads looks exactly as the maps depict it. The rotation of the Earth causes the sky above the observer’s head to continuously change, and what is visible depends entirely on the observer's position and time of observation!

Why are the cardinal directions on my map wrong?

Earth maps and sky maps are different. East and west are mirrored in the sky map compared to a map of the Earth. Imagine lying on a sandy beach on a summer night looking directly at the starry sky above you. Your feet are facing south and your head the north. The west will be on your right hand side and east on your left.

When your map is ready, lie down and put it above your head. Then you will realise why the left and right sides of the map might appear in reverse. Place your feet towards south and head towards north and hold the map above you. This is exactly how the map of the sky should be read – and so looking at it from above on the table, it seems to be upside down.

What are constellations?

Constellations or zodiac signs are shapes of strikingly bright stars in the celestial sphere, the name of which may be different for different nations. Since ancient times, constellations have been the basis of both the system of recognising and describing the starry sky.

It can also be said that these are celestial regions whose boundaries and coordinates are agreed.

Within this area are constellation stars, clusters, galaxies, and other objects outside the solar system.

The constellations are named after the lighter stars in them, traditionally made up of shapes.

There are 88 constellations. These constellations (bright stars connected with lines) and their borders can also be seen on our Star Maps.

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